Unite’s is encouraging attendance of its members at the demonstration and rally in Cheltenham on Saturday 27 January 2024 and please feel free to share this with your member in your workplace.

The demonstration was agreed by all TUC-affiliated unions as part of our campaign to push back against the latest Conservative government attacks on trade unions.

Their latest repressive changes mean that one in five workers will lose their right to strike with minimum service levels (MSLs) imposed to force unions to `police’ their own strikes and even cross picket lines. When workers vote for lawful strike action in health, education, fire, transport, border security and nuclear decommissioning `work notices’ could be issued to force them back to work – and sacked if they don’t comply.

These measures are a gift to hostile employers and bad bosses. We must resist them.

The fight back is on!

As the leading fighting back union in the country, the union that has restored over £400million to members in wage increases during a punishing cost of living crisis, Unite will be a force at this national demonstration and rally.

Please mobilise your members and networks.

Transport is free for Unite members. The regions are organising transport, details of which can be found here :



Forty years ago, the Thatcher government attacked trade union rights. Union members at GCHQ Cheltenham were told to quit their union - or be sacked.

Our movement stood together then to defeat this assault on our solidarity and won. We are now called upon to do so again.

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