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Vision express discount vouchers

Take advantage of our exclusive deal with Vision Express. 

Each member is entitled to the main package of benefits:

  • Free eye test including digital retinal photography (DRP) when you spend £50
  • Three Months Supply of Soft Disposable Contact Lenses when you join the contact lens direct debit scheme
  • Save £30 when you purchase complete prescription glasses or sunglasses
  • Save 10% when you purchase non prescription sunglasses

Benevolent fund

Benevolent fund
Apply for a one-off grant from Unite’s benevolent fund which is there to support members during times of financial hardship.
We will send you an application form which will ask you a range of questions about your income, savings, capital, debts and housing expenditure, as well as information about your circumstances.

The benevolent fund trustees will carefully consider your claim on its merits, taking into account our available budget and our framework of guidelines to decide whether you are eligible for financial support.
Call: 0844 8801803

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