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Dear Colleagues

You will be aware that Unite was due to run the regular elections for our workplace representatives from January this year.

These elections are for the people who represent the life blood of our union – the men and women who support you in the workplace. They are the foundation of our democracy.

Your Executive Council took the view that the coronavirus pandemic would make the proper conduct of these elections impossible in most workplaces. Quite apart from the public health difficulties, they would be a distraction from the immediate task of protecting members’ jobs, incomes and safety at work.

The elections have therefore been postponed, which means that the terms of office of your existing workplace representatives have been extended.

At its next meeting, in June, the Executive Council will consider a timetable to get these elections, and the rest of our democratic structures, back on track. Obviously, we are hoping to be able to return to our normal functioning as soon as possible.

I trust you will understand this situation – if you have any questions please contact your Unite rep or your local union office.


Yours in solidarity,


Andrew Murray
Chief of Staff
Unite the union

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