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Dear Unite Branch,

As employers in many areas are becoming more emboldened, we are seeing the ‘Amazon Brand' of management being transported into a number of our key sectors.
If we are not careful, the worst of Amazon’s work practices will become the new normal. Where they lead, others are following. No worker should have to work under intense surveillance and ever-increasing targets. Workers across the economy cannot afford to let this carry on and that is why we have mounted a campaign to unionise Amazon.

We are calling for Amazon to sign our ‘declaration of neutrality’ that guarantees workers the freedom to talk with and form a union without fear of being sacked. We know Amazon uses union-busters and at the time of writing there is no union recognition with Amazon in any country in the world. We must take up the mantle for workers everywhere.

Action on Amazon was launched last week, please see a report of the launch activity here.

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